Looking For Air Cond Service in Klang?

We provide air conditioning service over the whole Klang. Our team can reach anywhere on your request. We have built trust among the customers for more than a decade.

We have a team of experienced and qualified professionals that will solve your problem in the given time. Our team can deal with any brand of air conditioners.

You can call us anytime, we will then provide you a reasonable quote according to work and location. After your confirmation, our team will be schedule a time to get the job done. We believe in quick, satisfactory and reliable service. 

We follow standard methods with safety precautions. After every service, we check whether the unit is working properly or not. Our services include repair, installation, fault diagnosis, chemical wash, servicing, gas top-up and dismantling.

We can improve the performance and efficiency of your air conditioner to reduce your monthly bill. Let’s discuss our services and why you should pick us.

How It Works?

Step1: Request For Service

All you need to do is let us know is what kind of air cond service you are looking for.

Step 2: Connect

Based on the service and location, we’ll send you an accurate quotation at the best price available. Your satisfaction is our priority.  

Step 3: Hire

Appoint your air cond service. Pay the fees directly to the service provider once the job is completed.

Types Of Air Cond Services We Provide Throughout Klang

We offer some air conditioning services that are necessary for air conditioning units.


If your air conditioner is not working or working improperly, then there can be any problem with the air conditioner. There could be an electric failure, frequent shutdown, low cooling or anything else. If there is any problem, then we can repair your air conditioner at a reasonable price. Our experienced team can detect the problem and repair your AC. There is no need to buy a new one. Get our help and your air conditioning unit will work perfectly.

Chemical Wash

It happens due to less use of air conditioner or with an old unit that dust particles stick inside it. Due to the presence of dust particles, your air conditioner can produce odor and spread allergens. Its efficiency decreases with time which means it wastes the electrical energy. To recover the unit, you need to have a chemical wash of the unit with the help of professionals. After, chemical wash your air conditioner will work just like a new unit.

We provide a chemical wash service with customer satisfaction. We use a standard chemical with all safety and standard procedures.


To install your new air conditioner, you need to ask professionals that are expert in installing the air conditioner. It is not an easy task, there should be proper electrical wiring and protection. Then, the placement of the air conditioner and its insulation also matters a lot. We provide installation of air conditioner units. Our experienced can install AC of any brand that is available.

Gas Top-Up

Air conditioners need a certain type of cooling gas to do the job. You need to refill the gas after some time. Due to low gas pressure or other gas problems, the performance of the air conditioner becomes worse. The cooling efficiency is affected. Therefore, a gas top-up is necessary to get the desired performance. We can provide you gas top-up of any type of air conditioner. We have all types of gases and our team is expert in doing the job.

Servicing Contract

Servicing is necessary if you want to see the good performance of the air conditioner throughout the year. Sometimes you don’t notice any problem in the air conditioner until something noticeable happens. Then you pay more for the repair. It is better to do service after an interval to avoid any problem. The service will avoid any kind of problem that can lead to low performance and damage to the unit. Our company can do a service contract with you and we will do the service of your air conditioner annually.


We can dismantle any kind of air conditioner. Sometimes, you need to shift the air conditioner to another room. You don’t need to worry about that. Our team will do this job for you at an affordable price.

Why Should You Choose Us As Your Air Conditioner Service Provider in Klang?

Fast Service

After you tell us the problem, we will tell you a quotation. Once you confirm after getting the quotation, our service team will reach your doorsteps within the next 24 hours.


Customer Satisfaction

We believe in customer satisfaction. We check each and everything to make sure that the unit works perfectly. You don’t need to worry about the work because we will allow you to check the performance after our work. We take all safety measures and checks to sort out the problem.

Team of Professionals and Experts

Our teams have professionals and experts that are working for many years. They are trained to work with any kind of air conditioner available in the market. Our experts will find out the problem with your air conditioner.


Standard Procedure

We follow all standard procedures according to the safety and health regulations. Safety is important to us. We use standard equipment, gas and chemicals. We believe in providing the best to our customers.



We have a good reputation in the market because we have satisfied and happy clients. We have built trust among the customers. There is no need to pay in advance, we will take the money after completing the work. This method has created trust among our customers.

Transparent Fee Procedure

We always give the quote first, after analyzing the problem. If the customer is satisfied with the quote, then he calls us for the service. There are no hidden charges. Everything is clear and transparent. We take the money after completing the job.


Our Brands

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In aircondservicekl.my, we are ready to help our customers. We are a reputable air conditioner servicing company that is working for more than a decade. Our service is available all over Klang. You can contact us through WhatsApp, call or our contact us page. We will be at your doorstep within the next 24 hours. Our experienced workers are very efficient, and they provide customer satisfaction. You can contact us today!