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Is your air conditioner problem causing you sleep? Is it showing low performance? There is no need to worry about it because we are the solution to your air conditioning problems. We deal with all kinds of air conditioning problems in Puchong.

We give quick, satisfactory and reliable services to our customers. Our team will reach at your doorstep within 24 hours. Our team consists of experienced experts and professionals that are solving air conditioning problems for more than a decade.

We deal with all brands and types of air conditioners that are available in the market. We can provide installation, gas top-up, repair, servicing, chemical wash, and other air conditioning services. Our service is very convenient and simple, you just need to call us, and we will solve your air conditioning problems in the given time.

Our expert team has a very diverse experience of dealing with different air conditioning problems, so we can figure out your problem as well. Let’s discuss our services in detail.

How It Works?

Step1: Request For Service

All you need to do is let us know is what kind of air cond service you are looking for.

Step 2: Connect

Based on the service and location, we’ll send you an accurate quotation at the best price available. Your satisfaction is our priority.  

Step 3: Hire

Appoint your air cond service. Pay the fees directly to the service provider once the job is completed.

Types Of Air Conditoner Services We Offer Throughout Puchong

We are ready to deal with any problem and situation. We provide the following services to our customers.

Chemical Wash

If your air conditioner is producing bad odors, then you need a chemical wash of your air conditioner. Dust particles stick inside the parts of the air conditioner and produce an unpleasant odor. It might cause allergies to people living in the room. There is a need to clean condenser coils, water drainage pan and other parts of the air conditioner. After a chemical wash, your air conditioner will work fine just like a new air conditioner.

We provide chemical wash with the recommended chemicals. Our team will clean all the required parts of your air conditioner and ensure its smooth operation.


You might be bothering with your old air conditioner and paying money for repairing again and again. This is due to the wrong analysis of the problem. If someone repairs the unnecessary parts, then it won’t solve your problems. It is necessary to hire professionals and experts that can inspect the air conditioner carefully. They can figure out the real problem of your air conditioner.

Our team is expert in repairing the air conditioners. They first analyze the whole problem and then act according to it. We make sure that the performance of air conditioners by testing it after the service.

Installation of New Air Conditioners

Installation of an air conditioner is a tricky procedure. You first need to inspect the area where you want to install it. Then installation in the right place is necessary. Otherwise, your air conditioner will not work well. The insulation should be perfect to meet the cooling expectations.

We can install your new air conditioner within a few hours. Our team can install any type or brand of air conditioners with satisfaction.

Servicing Contract

Serving allows your air conditioner to perform well without any hassle. After some time, your air conditioner needs servicing. It maintains the performance of your air conditioner throughout the year. It also saves your money on frequent repairs. Your air conditioner starts to consume more electricity if it is not working properly due to any problem. To avoid such things, you should have a service of your air conditioner at least once a year.

Our company does service contracts with the customers and we provide our service annually. We ensure excellent performance and less energy consumption.

Gas Top-Up

Gas top-up is necessary for air conditioners to cool the required area. There is a certain gas filled in them that performs the cooling operation. If there any problem with the gas, then your air conditioner will not cool the area. You need to refill that gas.

We provide a gas top-up to our customers. We first check the cause of leakage and problem, then we repair it. Finally, we refill the required gas. We have all kinds of gases according to different types of air conditioners.


If you want to remove your air conditioner and move it to another place, then you need professionals. Removing the air conditioner safely is not an easy task. It should be removed without any damage.

We also provide a dismantling facility to our customers at reasonable rates. Our team will safely remove the air conditioner from its place.

Why Choose Us?

We understand why this question comes in mind. There are dozens of air conditioner service providers in Puchong, then why someone should select our service. The reasons are given below.

Customer Satisfaction

We believe in customer satisfaction; therefore, we allow our customers to check and test everything after the service. After their satisfaction, we take the money.


Experienced Workers

Our team consists of experienced technicians and experts that are familiar with all kinds of brands of air conditioners. They have a very diverse experience which will help them to solve your problems.

Convenient Service

It is very easy to contact us. You can use WhatsApp, Call, and our Contact form. Our team will give you a reasonable quote according to your location and required service. Then, after your satisfaction with the quote our team will reach your home.


Quick Service

Our target is to provide satisfactory service to our customers as soon as possible. After your confirmation, our team will reach your home within 24 hours.


Standard Procedures

We follow standard procedures while doing our services. We take all safety measures before starting the work. All our services use the recommended chemicals and accessories.

No Advance Fee

We do not take any advance fees. You can take the estimate on call for free. After the service you can directly give the money to the service team. There are no hidden charges in our policy.


Our Brands

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In, we are ready to serve our customers. We can solve all kinds of air conditioning problems in Puchong. Our experienced team will reach your home within 24 hours. Just contact us through WhatsApp, Call or our Contact Forms.

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