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Is your air conditioner working abnormally? Is it using more energy than expected? Are you thinking to install a new one? Don’t worry about any air conditioning problem or service.We have years of experience in solving all types of air conditioner problems.

Our team will be at your doorstep at one call within 24 hours. We have a team of experts that are working in this field for many years. We provide quick and reliable service to our customers. Our company is trusted all over the Selayang because we are providing quality and satisfactory services for more than a decade.

Our team can do the installation, repair, dismantling, chemical wash, gas top-up, and other air conditioning services. We are comfortable working with all brands of air conditioners. We can reduce the daily usage of electricity of your faulty air conditioner and improve its cooling performance. Just call us and we will solve your air conditioning problem very soon. Let’s discuss our services.

How It Works?

Step1: Request For Service

All you need to do is let us know is what kind of air cond service you are looking for.

Step 2: Connect

Based on the service and location, we’ll send you an accurate quotation at the best price available. Your satisfaction is our priority.  

Step 3: Hire

Appoint your air cond service. Pay the fees directly to the service provider once the job is completed.

Air Conditioning Services We Offer in Selayang We Provide in Selayang Area.

Our is team is very experienced and we have dealt with many brands and types of air conditioners.


Every air conditioner needs repairing after some time. There may be a problem in any part of the air conditioner, the electric supply and protection. Before repairing the air conditioner, it is better to analyze the problem carefully. Otherwise, there can be a waste of money in repairing unnecessary things. Therefore, we recommend that repairs should be done by experts and qualified professionals.

We do all kinds of repairing related to the air conditioner after inspection. Our professional team has a vast and diverse experience. Therefore, we can figure out the problem and repair the unit within a few hours.


Whenever you purchase a new air conditioner, you need to install it properly in the right place. The performance of air conditioners is also affected if you place it wrongly. It will not cool the room as you expect. Therefore, installation is a tricky process and it should be done by the experts only. Do not try to do it on your own because you might install it in the wrong manner due to ignorance from standard procedures.

At Air Cond Service KL, we follow standard procedures and install the unit at the right place where it can perform better.

Chemical Wash

Dust comes in our home with the air and accumulate on appliances and furniture. These particles also accumulate inside air conditioners and affect their performance day by day. Therefore, after some time your air conditioner might stop working. To solve this problem, you need to have a chemical wash of your air conditioner. The chemical should be of standard quality to ensure no side-effects.

Our team can do the chemical wash of your air conditioner. We follow the standard procedures and use the recommended chemicals only.

Gas Top-Up

It might happen that your air conditioner cools the room slowly or it might not even start cooling the room. It can be because of the gas-filled inside the air conditioner. This gas is necessary for cooling. Without it, an air conditioner cannot perform well. You need to refill the gas. The gas type depends on the brand and type of air conditioner you are using.

We offer gas top-up services at reasonable rates. We have all kinds of cooling gases that are used in different air conditioners. First, we inspect the reason for the problem, then we refill the gas to ensure the proper working of the unit in the future.


All things need service after working for some time. The same is the case with air conditioners. There is a need for servicing the air conditioner annually or half-yearly. Servicing can save the cost of repairing of the air conditioner. After it, your air conditioner will work fine for a long time.

In servicing, we check everything to ensure proper performance in the future. We fix if we find any problem in the air conditioner.

Why Should You Hire Us As Your AirCon Service Provider in Selayang?

Reliable Service

Our service is reliable, once you call us and tell our problem, we became alerted to solve your problem as soon as possible. Your problem then becomes ours. You can rely on us. Further, we allow the customer to use the unit and confirm that everything is working fine or not. We take the money after completing the service.


Convenient Service

It is very easy to get in touch with us. You can use WhatsApp, call or our contact forms and tell the problem. Our team will soon contact you with a quote. We wait for the confirmation, after you confirm the quote, our team will reach your home within 24 hours. There is no need to go anywhere.

Team of Professionals

We have a team of professionals that know their work perfectly. They have a diverse experience in working with different air conditioners over the past decade. We will figure out your problem and fix it as well.


Safety Measures

We work on standard procedures and take all kind of safety measures. Our aim is to provide the best quality service to our customers with safety. We also test the air conditioner after repairing to ensure its excellent performance and safe operation.


Easy to Pay

We do not take any advance fees. Our team gives the quote to the customer, on approval we reach the home for service. You can pay directly to the service team after work. It is easy and simple.



We are working for more than a decade now. We believe in providing the best and reliable services. Therefore, people trust our service.


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Our team is always ready to help you as soon as possible. We believe in customer satisfaction; therefore, we allow the customer to check and test the air conditioner after service. You can contact us via WhatsApp, Call or Contact form on our website. You can get our contact details from here.